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Obagi™ Skin Care System

To address skin in need of transformation due to aging, hormones, stress, and environmental exposure, we employ Obagi™ Medical. This state-of-the-art skin health system dramatically revitalizes sun damaged, wrinkled, and visibly aged skin.

Retinoids and hydroquinone combined help to suppress the enzymatic process that causes hyperpigmentation while increasing cellular turnover and exfoliating old, wrinkled, dull skin. Expect a transition period when starting this regimen while your skin goes through the transformation phase. Once acclimated to the products and a few skin cycles have completed you will notice fresher, healthier, and dramatically younger looking skin. Obagi™ Medical also offers skin care systems that address acne sufferers as well as an antioxidant line. Your doctor can discuss details and answer any questions you might have about this product.. Schedule a consultation today.