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Osmosis Pür Medical Skin Care

Did you know that the typical skin care product has only a 2-3% penetration/absorption rate? Osmosis is an anti-aging skin care company who's patented delivery system achieves a remarkable 25% penetration. While penetration is of utmost importance, the ingredients you are infusing into the skin is of equal concern. Osmosis products are 100% natural, plant-based and are not tested on animals. All of the ingredients are chirally correct (easily recognized by the skin), with 14 active ingredients in each treatment serum. Osmosis skin care products contain no artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances or other artificial irritants, no sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol.

Beyond the remarkable homecare products, Osmosis has created a revolutionary Non Acid Skin Peel that we believe is the most effective peel and/or procedure on the market. Instead of wounding the skin, Facial Infusion, with its potent liposomal delivery of calming, antibacterial, lightening and (8) dermal remodeling ingredients is great for every skin condition. It is extremely safe because it is free of any alpha/beta hydroxy acids and it is therefore tolerated by all skin types. We see mild to moderate exfoliation 2-3 days after the peel which lasts for another 2-3 days usually. The peel is gentle but the results are significant!

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