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Sunspots are areas of the skin that are lighter or darker than normal after exposure to sunlight. Although sunspots can be caused by the sun, some are caused by a fungus, tinea versicolor.

Sunspots caused by fungus often make patches of skin appear lighter than usual in dark-skinned people and darker than usual in light-skinned people. Doctors can diagnose the fungus by its appearance and by ultraviolet light.

Sunspots caused by the sun are called solar lentigines and are quite common. They are usually painless and rarely life threatening. Sunspots can appear at any age, contrary to popular association with old age. Sunspots darken with time and may become bigger if they merge together. Because of this, many younger afflicted feel self conscious and may seek treatment, while older afflicted may falsely believe that there is nothing they can do about their sunspots and never seek treatment.

Sunspots can be treated with the following procedures: Microdermabrasion, Pulsed Light Photo-Facial Treatments, Chemical Peel, Profractional, South Beach Peel, Micro Laser Peel. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.